A few weeks ago, I got to sit down with Tina of Kinship Handwork for her podcast In Kinship. I thought we would talk about my knit design career. You know. Designing new patterns. Writing knitting books. Being a magazine editor.

But we really didn’t. We started talking about productivity and coworking and we just had the best talk. Sometimes when I talk to other people about how my brain works and the things I do to stay focused and on track, they just don’t get it. Tina got it.

Did we talk about bigfoot? Yes, yes we did. You can hear that silly part of the conversation here.

But we also talked about strategies for working with the brain you got and really getting things done. Check out the full podcast episode below. And listen to the other episodes too. Tina is having some amazing conversations with folks, and I’m really honored that I get to be a part of it!