Hi! My Name is Corrina

I’m a technical editor, knitting designer, two-time author, and former magazine editor. I’ve been a creative business owner for 15 years and know what it’s like to have to make all the hard decisions by yourself.

I started coworking with friends because I wasn’t getting anywhere trying (and failing) to work alone. I knew if I could convince some of my people to work with me that it would be good for me – and for them. And I was right.

What They Say

Coworking has really helped my overall productivity with my business. I love that I can come in and virtually sit with like-minded business folks to get my work done for the day. Everyone is so encouraging, and it’s really helped me stay on task and meet my deadlines!

Jen Lucas

It’s not an exaggeration to say that coworking has positively impacted every aspect of my daily work life. My focus & productivity, clarity & mental attitude- everything has improved. Having this group of wonderful ladies to hold me accountable & sip coffee with as I work is an appointment in my calendar I look forward to.

Rebecca Velasquez

The coworking group has been so helpful to keep me accountable. It feels great to log in and know that I will be tackling my to-do list along with the other creatives in the group. Everyone is very supportive.

Angela Tong

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